Here is a glossary of 42 blackjack terms to understand the language of the popular casino card game:

  1. Ace Up Card – When the player’s face-up card is an ace. It puts them in a strong position.
  2. Anchor Seat – The seat furthest to the dealer’s right at a blackjack table, which allows the player to make playing strategy decisions last. An advantage.
  3. Bankroll – The total amount of money a player has available to wager on blackjack. Should determine the betting unit.
  4. Betting Spot – The designated area on the blackjack table layout where players place their chips to make a wager.
  5. Blackjack – When a player is dealt a 2-card hand with an ace and 10-point card totaling 21. It’s the best possible natural hand.
  6. Break Hand – A hand total that is strong enough for the player to stand on and not risk taking another card that may cause them to bust.
  7. Bust – When a player’s card hand exceeds 21, resulting in an automatic loss for that round regardless of the dealer’s end hand.
  8. Buy Insurance – When a player makes a side bet equal to half their original wager as insurance if the dealer has a natural blackjack. Pays 2:1.
  9. Card Counting – A strategic system of tracking the dealt cards to predict whether the remaining cards in the deck favor the player or dealer.
  10. Cocktail Waitress – Casino staff member who takes drink orders from players at the blackjack table. Gamblers will often tip for good service.
  11. Cut Card – Plastic card used to cut the card deck to prevent the bottom card being exposed or pre-identified. Normally with custom patterns on the back.
  12. Dealer Busts – When the dealer’s hand goes over 21, resulting in an automatic win for all players at the table who haven’t busted.
  13. Dealer Hole Card – The dealer’s one face down card that gives them one element of advantage as the casino representative in blackjack games.
  14. Discards Tray – Container on blackjack table that the spent or used cards are placed into every hand as play progresses.
  15. Double Down – Player option to double their initial bet amount while committing to just one more dealt card to improve their total hand value.
  16. Early Surrender – A rule variation where players can forfeit half their bet before the dealer checks for blackjack when they feel they have a very bad starting hand.
  17. Even Money – Player option to take even money payout on their blackjack bet if the dealer’s showing card is an ace, rather than playing out the hand.
  18. Face Cards – The king, queen and jack cards in a standard card deck, which have a 10-point value in blackjack.
  19. First Base – Seat position furthest to the dealer’s left, the first player to make playing strategy decisions without any cue from other players.
  20. Flat Betting – Wagering the same pre-determined amount on every single hand in blackjack rather than varying bet size. A conservative approach.
  21. Hard Hand – A hand that does not contain an ace, so it has only one possible total value based strictly on the point cards.
  22. Heads Up Blackjack – A blackjack game variation where each player competes one-on-one against just the dealer with typical blackjack rules. Also known as 1-on-1 blackjack.
  23. Hit – To request an additional card be dealt to your hand in blackjack in order to improve your total value. But also risk going bust if you hit again.
  24. Hole Card – The dealer’s single face down card that gives them a slight advantage. Players can only see one of the dealer’s initial two dealt cards.
  25. Insurance Bet – An optional side bet worth up to half the original wager, placed when the dealer shows an ace. Pays 2-1 if the dealer has blackjack. Many beginner players ask the question “Is Insurance bet worth it?”, but the real answer is that it depends on the scenario.
  26. Late Surrender – A blackjack variation where players can forfeit half their bet after seeing the dealer’s up card (ace or 10-point card). Minimizes player loss on a bad hand.
  27. Lucky Ladies Blackjack – A popular blackjack side bet based on whether the player’s initial two cards can make certain designated poker hands like a straight or 20 points.
  28. Paint Cards – Slang term used for face cards – kings, queens and jacks – due to their picture or face graphics in the card corner. All have a 10-point value.
  29. Pat Hand – When a blackjack player has a completed hand of 17 to 21 points on the first two dealt cards. Putting them in an optimal position to stand firm.
  30. Peek for Blackjack – When the dealer subtly peeks at their facedown card when showing an ace or 10-point card faceup to check if they have a natural 2-card blackjack.
  31. Pit Boss – Casino employee responsible for overseeing a cluster or “pit” of blackjack tables on the floor, handling disputes and monitoring table play.
  32. Player Busts – When a player’s card hand total goes over 21 points, resulting in an automatic losing round for them regardless of the dealer’s hand value.
  33. Pontoon – A name used mainly in the U.K. and Australia to refer to having a natural 21-point hand (ace + 10 card) on the original two cards dealt.
  34. Push – When a tied hand occurs with both dealer and player ending with identical total card values. The hand is a draw with no money changing hands.
  35. Resplitting Aces – A common blackjack rule variation where players are allowed to split up to 4 total hands from 2 initial dealt aces. Enhances player advantage.
  36. Running Count – The tracking method used in card counting systems to monitor whether the card shoe favors the player or dealer based on cards that have been already dealt through the deck.
  37. Shoe – Device used to dispense card decks rather than dealing from a single handheld deck. Typically uses 4-8 shuffled decks to deter card counters.
  38. Soft Hand – A hand containing an ace being counted as 11 points, which allows the hand flexibility to improve and not bust on the next card dealt.
  39. Stand – To stick with your current card total hand value rather than risk going bust by hitting and getting another card from the dealer.
  40. Stiff Hand – When a player has a “hard” hand total between 12 to 16 points. Danger zone for going bust by hitting for another card.
  41. Surrender – Option for players to forfeit half their initial blackjack bet after seeing their dealt hand as an alternative to playing out a likely loss hand.
  42. Third Base – Blackjack table position directly to the dealer’s right. The last player to make strategic playing choices before dealer reveals hand. An advantage.

That covers 42 blackjack terms used in the popular casino card game.

Familiarizing yourself with the unique lingo and phrases makes it easier to pick up the game as a beginner.


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