Here is a glossary of 30+ video poker terms you can encounter in the casino:

  1. Add-a-coin feature – Option to add additional coins to the coins already bet, allowing access to higher payouts for certain winning hands.
  2. Bankroll – The available gambling funds set aside strictly for video poker play. Bankrolls determine suitable denomination and number of hands that should be played.
  3. Bet Max – The button that enables you to automatically bet the maximum number of coins or credits allowed per hand based on that specific video poker game. Betting maximum activates increased payouts for premium hands like a royal flush and is always advised strategy.
  4. Bonus Poker – Popular variation of Jacks or Better video poker that offers higher payouts for four-of-a-kind hands. The most common pay table variation.
  5. Coin Size – The nominated value denomination of each credit wagered on video poker. Options generally range from $0.05 coins up to $5.00 coin sizes.
  6. Credit Meter – The counter display in video poker that shows the number of credits available on that machine for wagers and subsequent payouts. Credits accrue with wins.
  7. Dealt Hand – The initial five cards displayed on screen that are randomly drawn from the deck for the player to play. Luck and strategy determines its strength.
  8. Deuces Wild – Video poker variation where the four deuces (2s) act as wild cards, enabling more winning hand combinations with higher payouts. More volatility however.
  9. Discard – To replace unwanted cards from the original dealt hand to improve your poker combinations and chances of winning. A core video poker feature.
  10. Double Bonus Poker – A popular variation of Jacks or Better video poker with bonus payouts for premium four-of-a-kind and flush/full house combinations. Adds more winning potential.
  11. Draw – The option to replace any number of cards in the original dealt hand with new cards from the deck, hoping to achieve a winning poker hand combination listed on the payout table.
  12. Expected Return / Payback – The theoretical percentage return-to-player that video poker games are designed to pay back over long-term extended play. Denoted by abbreviated RTP percentages.
  13. Five Play – The standard option to play five coins per hand to activate increased payouts on premium winning poker hands like a royal flush. Necessary strategy component.
  14. Four-of-a-Kind – A winning poker hand with four cards of the same rank or value, offering increased payouts relative to other wins like flushes or straights.
  15. Full House – Strong poker hand with three-of-a-kind and one pair in the same hand. One of the most common winning combinations in video poker alongside flushes.
  16. Hit Frequency – Denoted as a percentage, the hit frequency is how often a video poker game produces a winning hand combination relative to total hands played over an extended period.
  17. Hold – To “hold” certain cards from your initial dealt hand that you wish to keep to improve your chances of attaining a winning poker combination listed on the video poker’s payout table.
  18. Jacks or Better – The most popular and commonly available video poker variation. It uses a standard 52 card poker deck. The minimum winning hand is a pair of jacks.
  19. Multi-Strike Poker – Popular video poker variant where players can earn up to 5 individual payouts per hand by hitting multiple winning combinations with the same initial cards.
  20. Multi-Play – Feature that enables players to play multiple hands of video poker simultaneously with just one single bet / coin wager multiplied by each hand played per round. Saves time.
  21. Optimal Strategy – The mathematically calculated playing decisions for any dealt hand in video poker to maximize gain and minimize losses over many rounds of play. Readily available strategy charts guide decisions.
  22. Pair of Jacks or Better – The minimum poker hand win required to earn a payout relative to the amount wagered per hand in standard Jacks or Better video poker games.
  23. Pay Table – The displayed list on each video poker game showing the various poker hand combinations and their relative payout multipliers which determine overall game return-to-player (RTP) percentages.
  24. Random Number Generator (RNG) – Reputable video poker casinos have software algorithms that ensure card combinations are drawn in truly random sequences to prevent cheating and give fair odds for all players over time. Regulated and independently tested.
  25. Royal Flush – The top poker hand win in video poker, a royal flush offers the highest payout on each game’s pay table. The top jackpot hands all players aim to hit.
  26. Strategy Card – Handy reference card showing optimal playing strategy such as when to hold / discard any cards for every possible hand dealt for each specific video poker game variation. Takes the guesswork out of decisions.
  27. Straight Flush – Strong five card poker hand with all sequential suited cards 2-3-4-5-6 for example. Straight flushes offer substantial payouts in video poker pay tables second only to coveted royal flush jackpots.
  28. Three-of-a-Kind  – A frequent lower-tier winning poker combination where three cards of the same value appear in the five card hand. Jacks or better are required to earn a payout for three-of-a-kind wins.
  29. Video Poker Terms / Vocabulary / Glossary – The unique language and lingo used to describe features and gameplay in video poker machines across all casino establishments globally.
  30. Wild Card – A card that can substitute for any other value to form winning poker hands. Deuces and jokers are commonly designated as wild cards in popular video poker game variants.

That covers over the key video poker terms used in casinos. This glossary helps you understand the game mechanics and unlock optimal winning strategies by learning the unique vocabulary and answering questions related to video poker casino games.


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