Here is a comprehensive list of the most commonly used Keno terms, each explained for a clearer understanding of the game:

  1. Keno: A lottery-style game where players choose numbers and win based on how many they match with the drawn numbers.
  2. All or Nothing: A Keno ticket that pays only if you draw all or none of the chosen numbers.
  3. Ball Game: The most common form of Keno where plastic balls represent the numbers.
  4. Blank: An unused Keno ticket.
  5. Blower: Part of the machine that dispenses the Keno balls using air.
  6. Buy-in Tournament: A Keno tournament where players pay a fee to compete for prizes.
  7. Cage: A wire cage formerly used to hold Keno balls.
  8. Catch: A term for a number that has been called in a Keno game.
  9. Catch-all: A Keno game where all numbers marked must be caught to win.
  10. Close: The period when the casino stops writing Keno tickets, usually around the draw time.
  11. Fractional Rate Ticket: A ticket played for a fraction of the standard rate.
  12. High End Ticket: A ticket that pays more for catching a high number of spots.
  13. High Roller Ticket: A Keno ticket with a high minimum price.
  14. House Edge: The percentage of bets the house expects to win over time.
  15. Bet: The amount of money wagered in a game.
  16. Blank: An unplayed Keno ticket.
  17. Call: The act of calling the Keno numbers as they are drawn.
  18. Caller: The casino employee who announces the drawn numbers.
  19. Combination Ticket: A ticket with several different Keno wagers.
  20. Computer Ticket: A ticket generated by a computer based on the player’s selections.
  21. Draw: The process of selecting the 20 winning numbers.
  22. Draw Sheet: A sheet showing numbers drawn in the previous game.
  23. Edge Ticket: A ticket with numbers marked around the edge.
  24. Entry Fee Tournament: A Keno tournament where players pay an upfront fee.
  25. Expected Value: The rate at which an outcome is expected to occur.
  26. Field: A group of marked spots that is not circled.
  27. Flashboard: The signs displaying the numbers drawn.
  28. Free Play: A Keno win that allows you to play again without additional payment.
  29. Goose: The machine that blows Keno balls into tubes for selection.
  30. Group: A set of numbers circled on a ticket to indicate a bet.
  31. Handle: The total money taken in for a game or period.
  32. Hit: When a drawn number matches your selected number.
  33. House: The casino or the operator of the Keno game.
  34. Inside Ticket: A ticket that has been completed and turned into the cashier.
  35. Jackpot: The top prize in a progressive Keno game.
  36. Jackpot Meter: A display showing the current jackpot amount.
  37. Keno Balls: Numbered balls used to conduct the draw.
  38. Keno Board: Electronic displays showing the drawn numbers.
  39. Keno Counter: Where players place bets and collect winnings.
  40. Keno Lounge: A designated area in a casino for playing Keno.
  41. Keno Runners: Staff who collect wagers and pay winners throughout the casino.
  42. Keno Writers: Staff at the Keno counter who manage bets and payouts.
  43. King: A single circled number on a ticket.
  44. King Ticket: A way ticket with one or more kings.
  45. Left-Right Ticket: A ticket marked vertically down the center.
  46. Limit: The maximum amount paid out to winners in a game.
  47. Live Keno: Traditional Keno with live draws.
  48. Mark: A mark made on a Keno ticket number.
  49. Multi Game Ticket: A ticket played for multiple Keno games.
  50. Net Win: Player’s winnings after deducting the cost of the ticket.
  51. Odds: The probability of a particular outcome.
  52. Outside Ticket: A ticket given by the casino, confirming participation in Keno.
  53. Payout Table: A chart showing payouts for different types of wins.
  54. Pattern: A group of numbers marked in a specific shape or line.
  55. Pay-Any-Catch Ticket: A ticket that pays for any numbers hit.
  56. PC (Percent Casino): A synonym for house edge.
  57. Progressive: A Keno game where the jackpot increases until won.
  58. Quick Pick: A ticket with numbers randomly chosen by a computer.
  59. Sleeper: A winning ticket not claimed by a player.
  60. Split Ticket: Allows more than one game on a single ticket with separate number groups.
  61. Spot: A marked number on a Keno ticket.
  62. Runner: A casino employee who collects Keno tickets and distributes winnings.
  63. Race: A single Keno game.
  64. Random Number Generator: A computer program that selects numbers for the game.
  65. Regular Ticket: A standard Keno ticket.
  66. Replayed Ticket: A ticket played again with the same numbers.
  67. Split Ticket: A ticket with different groups of numbers played as separate bets.
  68. Straight Ticket: The standard Keno ticket.
  69. Top-Bottom Ticket: A ticket marked horizontally in the center, betting on numbers in either the top or bottom half.
  70. Video Keno: Keno played on a computerized machine.
  71. Way: A separate bet on a Keno ticket with multiple bets.
  72. Way Ticket: A Keno ticket with multiple bets in the same game.
  73. Winning Numbers: The 20 numbers drawn in the game.
  74. Video Keno: Electronic version of Keno played on a machine.

These Keno terms encompass a wide range of concepts and procedures related to playing Keno. Also check out our questions section.

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